Tired of DIY-ing Your Life Away?
I'm here to help.

I hear you!

You've read ALL THE BOOKS and watched all the Oprah and still your life doesn't feel quite right. Right?


We all live with painful thoughts every single day. Whether it's thinking that people at our jobs should be nicer to us or respect us more, or family members should behave differently, or that you should be doing something different with your life, these thoughts can be deeply painful and scarring to us. And they can hold us back.

Imagine if you had the thought that you weren't supposed to make more money than your partner. And so you constantly took jobs that ensured that you didn't. That's a painful thought that is holding you back from living your most fulfilled life. We have hundreds of these kinds of thoughts that we live with, that are constantly forming our lives, sometimes completely unconsciously.

The good news is that through doing thought work, we have the ability to change all that. We have the ability to improve the quality of our lives and live happier, more fulfilled selves.

Laurie’s great talent is her loving presence and fierce determination to stay by your side while you question thoughts that are keeping you stuck. Believe me, I know! Laurie helped me move through a painful situation – gently guiding me to a place of clarity and relief. Even when I was caught up in the pain of my “story,” she never gave up on me. And she won’t give up on you, either! I whole-heartedly recommend Laurie as a coach. You’ll be amazed by the results!
— Kelli Younglove
You are like a warm, soothing blanket of nurture and healing, which allows me to find my center of peace. I always feel like I’ve taken a warm bath and stepped into fuzzy slippers after talking with you!
— Liz Keifer-Convertino
Working with Laurie has opened the door to a whole new mansion of self-awareness, love, and empowerment that I thought only existed for people who came into this world already with all the support and confidence they needed. The results from our coaching sessions are immediate, effective, and give me more clear direction than anything I’ve ever read or any course I’ve ever immersed myself into. And the best part? She brings deep compassion, gentle kindness, and direct lightheartedness to cut right to the core of where I’m tripping myself up with. Working with Laurie is a blessing I will never stop giving myself.
— Stephanie Lee

Everyday Grace Package

The very best way to make big shifts happen in your life is by committing to making them happen. You know what you want but you don't know how to find your way there. So, if you're hanging onto a lot of limiting beliefs and painful thoughts, and you're ready to get unstuck and make some shifts in your life, let's do it!  This is a 10 session package and costs $998.


Why Hire a Coach and What are the Benefits to You?

People hire coaches for lots of reasons. In a study conducted by the International Coaching Federation one of the highest reported reasons that people hire a coach is that they are looking for a sounding board. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you, right? Someone that won't judge you or blame you or put you down. Or try to shove their opinion down your throat. Other things people look for in a coach are a motivator, a mentor, a teacher, a spiritual guide, a business consultant, or a taskmaster.

The benefits reported most as a result of coaching were higher levels of self-awareness and self-confidence, more inner peace and better relationships with their partners, family and bosses and co-workers. Self-discovery and boundary setting were others at the top of the list.

Ideal Life Vision

I am also a big fan of the Ideal LifeVision method, which totally aligns on all levels with who I am and what I believe in. It's a very holistic approach to creating your very best life. Click the image for more information and/or to purchase the program. There is currently a $99 donation for the program, which is a smoking deal!!!  Yes, this is an affiliate link. You get an awesome program and I get a little moolah. Thank you!