But even worse, you’re tired of wasting money.

Your time is a precious commodity that you could be using to make more of your products to sell, or provide more of your valuable services in the world instead of struggling trying to make WordPress or Squarespace work for you.

Not to mention, you want to spend more time with your precious family. 

You are ready to to go pro and have someone else do all of the work for you.

Then YOU, my friend, are my people.

you’re my people if:

  • You’re SO TIRED of doing it all yourself.

  • You're ready for a gorgeous, custom Squarespace Website.

  • You're ready for a professional graphic designer to make it for you.

  • You want a high-end, quality, and laid-back experience with a pro walking beside you every step of the way.

  • You're ready to quit playing small and ready to take your vision to the next level.

  • You're motivated to make it happen, like. Right. Now.

Does that sound like you???


I have ten years of design experience and TONS of happy clients that have made seven figures off of the products I’ve designed for them. 

Me being a Squarespace Circle Member means that YOU get a discount on your first year of Squarespace and access to all of the insider info that I get! 

I love what I do and I LOVE giving clients an over the top experience!

But don’t just take my word for it, take hers!



I’ve worked with some of my clients for almost 10 years. Here’s what one happy & return customer has to say about working with me.

Working with Laurie was a joy! She provided a very thorough workbook that allowed her to gather information for my website, AND allowed me to really dig into my intention and purpose with the site—and my work. It was very well thought out and extremely helpful. It also provided an incredible foundation for a website that is ultimately everything I wanted and more. Laurie’s keen intuition, practical experience and innate wisdom translates into a tremendous gift to all who are fortunate to work with her. I am so grateful!

what makes me different

What you get with a graphic designer (meaning, me!) is someone with an eye for design. So, not only will you get a well-designed and functional site, you’ll also get a gorgeous and uniquely YOU website. 


I’ve had over 10 years experience building sites from the ground up with code-only, Adobe Flash, WordPress and Squarespace. I know what I’m doing! And because I’ve had so much experience, I’m FAST! My builds takes weeks, not months.

it’s not all one-size-fits-all over here!

One of the things that I offer in most of my Squarespace web design packages is a website planner website to help you get to the core of who you are, the core of who your business is and the functionality you want and need for your site. What you’ll end up with when finished are: a brand design guideline, TONS of copy you’ve written yourself for your site (even though you don’t realize you’re doing it), and a very clear idea of what you want and need in a site.

You’re getting a one of a kind experience and a workbook that is worth $499 if sold separately. It’s value, however, is truly PRICELESS in how it helps you gain brand clarity!


✵More time

✵More money

✵Less Frustration

so, does that sound good?



you + me: the process

  • We’ll talk by phone and probably laugh a lot, because, fun.

  • I’ll send you an invoice for ½ of the agreed upon amount.

  • Once you pay, I’ll send you some (okay a lot of) homework (you’ll LOVE it!) and also something special ;-)

  • You’ll promptly send me back your homework because you’re soooooooo excited to have a shiny new website!!!

  • We’ll talk again face to face online to go over the responses to your homework. No grades, just fun.

  • I’ll design your site!

  • We’ll talk again face to face online where I’ll show you your shiny new website, you’ll be THRILLED (and maybe cry just like they do on Fixer Upper!).

  • You’ll send me any changes that we don’t take care of during our face to face.

  • I’ll make the changes.

  • You’ll pay me the rest of the money.

  • We’ll talk again face to face and I’ll turn over your website.

  • We’ll drink champagne!!!


This can all take as little as a couple of weeks depending on how quickly you get the homework back to me.


Keep the brain space open for inspiration!
— Laurie Jacobsen, Graphic Designer and Life Coach

what can i make for you?

Squarespace is a REALLY awesome web hosting platform and has so many beautiful features, such as mobile responsive sites, so that everything looks as perfect on your phone as it does on a computer screen. They are clean, fresh templates, that will be easy for you to maintain once I’ve completed your design.

I will teach you everything you need to know to take over your site and keep it amazing. Having said that, as a client, I will always be available to you for easy answers. If you want me to maintain your site and provide updates, that’s an additional cost.

…Options, options, options…

single page/ wedding

You want a site up quickly and cheaply and just have basic info for your customers.

⭐️ One page site, 5 sections, (like my home page, but five sections.*

⭐️ Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

⭐️ Custom CSS

⭐️ Mobile Responsive

⭐️ Custom Domain Connected

⭐️ Social Media Accounts Connected

⭐️ Newsletter Integration

⭐️ Current Logo and Brand Identity Incorporated

⭐️ Unlimited support throughout the design process

⭐️ Training so you can update the site yourself.

*Does not include a store or blog


multi-page website

You need a website and brand overhaul or are completely starting from scratch.

⭐️ 6 pages, including store

⭐️ Website Planner Workbook ($499 value)

⭐️ Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

⭐️ Custom CSS

⭐️ Blog Transfer

⭐️ Mobile Responsive

⭐️ Custom Domain Connected

⭐️ Social Media Accounts Connected

⭐️ Newsletter Integration

⭐️ New Brand Identity Incorporated

⭐️ Unlimited support throughout the design process

⭐️ Training so you can update the site yourself.


⭐️ eCommerce Store, including 20 items

⭐️ Extra pages beyond package

⭐️ Website Planner Online Workbook

⭐️ Site graphics

⭐️ Brand collateral


Are you ready for this or do you need something different? Let’s talk and I’ll give you a quote!


frequently asked questions

+ how long does the process take?

Once I get your homework back, it can take me as little as a few days to a couple of weeks, providing you're fully engaged during the design phase.

+ how many edits do I get?

You will have unlimited edits during the design phase and I'll check in with you a couple of weeks after we are done to see if you want any other small changes.

+ how much does Squarespace cost?

There are several plans ranging from $12 per month to $46 per month depending on when you pay and what your needs are. Most people fall into the $12-$18 a month range. It's VERY reasonable!

+ how does payment work

Fifty percent of the agreed upon price is due up front. Just before launch day, before I turn the site over to you, the other 50% is due.