Referral Program

Want to make some easy money? Simply share how much you love working with me with someone else, and when they hire me, you get lots of dollars!


how does $100 sound? How does $500 sound?
Or even $1,000?

98% of my business is referral-based, so I’m instituting a new feature and I’m saying “Thank You” to the referrers (is that a word?) and also to those smart enough to take the advice of their friends and hire me!!!


here is how it works!


You LOVE working with me (or know me and know I’d be a great fit for someone) and refer someone to me…

That friend or colleague hires me to build them a website…*



YOU GET $100!

The more people you refer, the more one hundred dollarses you get! (That is absolutely not a word, but go with me here!)

Unlimited 100 Dollarses!


I love building my business in this way, with satisfied customers sending their friends and loved ones my way and I really want to say, “thank you” and continue growing my business in a way that feels at the heart of who I am - a relationship builder. And chances are, if I liked working with you, I’ll like working with your people, too!

So, this is the ultimate win-win-win!

The very best referrals come from you! Your actual experience with me will let someone know that they are in good hands and working with someone they can trust!

Does that sound good? Wonderful! Then now is the time to make that call or send that email to someone who needs a new website!


***Here’s the fine print, in case you were wondering. The $100 referral is if the someone you refer buys a full price 6-page + website. If they do a one-page site, the referral is $25, which is absolutely better than a kick in the pants!***