I've been an avid maker my whole life. 

I am SO JEALOUS of people that just paint. And people that just quilt. And people that just sew clothes. And people that just make jewelry. And people that just make pillows. You get the idea – I’ve done all of those things. Throughout the course of my life I have made/done all of the following:

Sewn clothing, quilted wallets, purses, quilts, made clocks, self-designed botanical greeting cards, coasters, rubber stamped greeting cards + artwork, ceramic bowls, jewelry, photographs, drawings, 3-D art with wire, rope bowls, pin cushions, weavings, marbled paper, crochet hats, scarves, sweaters and shawls for retreat, knit scarves, paintings, oil, acrylic + alcohol inks, encaustic paintings, plaster paintings, cross stitch, needle point, hooked rugs, pillows - cross stitch then sewn + quilted pillows + embroidered pillows, sewn coasters, embroidery on clothing and canvas bags, quilt design (patterns), surface pattern design, and for certain I’m forgetting something.

Do you see what I mean? I have an insatiable thirst for learning new things and for making all the things.

So, to sum up. I currently have two jobs and 500 maker passions.

Check back here from time to time to see what new projects I'm working on!!!