Welcome to the Client Only Page!


It all started when…

You had a dream for a business or for a beautiful, new and streamlined website.

You're imagining a home away from home, both for you and for your customers. And you want to up-level from the typical DIY site. I hear you and I'm here to help! Let's make magic together!

I have a couple of questionnaires for you to fill out to get the ball rolling.

After you fill them out, schedule an appointment to talk about our next steps and your hopes and dreams for your site. Sound good?

Well, then let's get started!

Welcome to the first step in your design process!

This is where we get into the nitty gritty of making your perfect site! Follow along, fill in all the blanks and you are going to have yourself one SWEET site when we are done!

First Things First

  • Go to Pinterest and make an inspiration board. Pin like it's your full-time job﹣colors (and color palettes), fonts, illustrations, graphics, icons, patterns, prints, photos. Anything and everything that feels like the style of your site. Invite me as a collaborator on the board.

  • Look at ALL THE PINS and whittle down to the ones that feel like a 100% match to your brand. This will be our mood board.

  • Scour the web for inspiration!!! Find the websites that feel the way you want yours to feel. Take screenshots of the parts you love and upload them to your Pinterest board. Questions about any of that, shoot me an email.


Step 1 Website/business Info

Name *
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Phone Number
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Contact Information
What about it would you want to use as a model for yours?
What about it would you want to use as a model for yours?
What about it would you want to use as a model for yours?

Step 2 Diving Deeper - p.s. this will help you write your website copy! Double Bonus! 

I'm going to challenge you to pick a person that is your absolute DREAM client or customer. Get that person firmly fixed in your head and then answer the following questions. It can be a person you know in real life or your idea of someone. I'll further challenge you to fill this form out two or three times to get to who ALL of your clients are.

Some things a website can do for you are: Grow your email list, sell a product or service, demonstrate your authority on a certain topic, increase podcast or YouTube subscribers, build a community or following, enroll people in your membership site.

and lastly, some Personal Details - How best for me to get in touch.

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