Everyday Grace Course - $39!

Everyday Grace is about learning to notice the Grace that exists in your life. It's about doing what it takes to begin to offer Grace to yourself and others. It's about learning to receive Grace from yourself and others.

Some of us forget from time to time that there are good things in our lives. We can begin to feel weighed down by the bad things and by our stories about them. This course will teach you how to look for and find the Grace - even in (and maybe especially in) the most difficult situations in your life.

As women, we tend to put others before ourselves. In this class we'll remember what all of the airlines have been telling us for years - to put our own oxygen masks on first, before assisting anyone else! We'll talk about what it looks like to extend Grace to yourself and what it can mean to your happiness and health to do so!

We will also talk about receiving and why that can be such a difficult thing for many of us to do. And why it's so important to be able to receive. With Grace.

The Everyday Grace course taught me how to reevaluate the goodness in and around my life. I now practice the Grace Triangle teachings every day! Grace feeds my soul with peace, love, and harmony. Thank you!
— Jacqueline Reed, Selma, Texas

What you'll gain from taking this class

  • You will begin to notice the Grace in your life all day every day. And in the noticing you'll begin to feel a deeper sense of connection with your life and gratitude for it.

  • You will learn to offer Grace to yourself and others.

  • You will learn how to receive Grace from yourself and others. Receiving can be difficult, even downright painful for some of us. You'll learn why this is so important and how to begin doing it.

Grace is interconnected—noticing it, finding it, offering it and receiving it were presented with such loving kindness that I felt grace drew me here. Being a part of this class and learning that “In every situation, there is grace” has changed me. Accept the gift of grace, make time to honor yourself with this class.
— Renée Norris

This class includes

  • Weekly emails for four weeks, which include all the lessons about Grace

  • Email access to me with questions or comments

  • Tangible tools, printable PDF worksheets

  • Videos of me teaching the content

  • Exercises

  • Guided Meditations to aid you in achieving success!

This is the content that we discuss on the first night of my retreats and it carries through everything we do during the week. It's such a powerful concept!

Pay now to register! For only $9.75 per week, you'll take a class that will change the way you see your life and the world. You'll receive a welcome email with fun BONUS content and your first course email immediately and then another email every seven days for three more weeks.

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