Squarespace Menu Paths


Navigate Your Way Through Menus Like a Pro

Do you have a Squarespace site and can never remember where to find the things you want to change? Me too. That's why I made this super handy dandy flow-chart of all of the Squarespace Menus and what's buried inside of them.

This PDF is 100% searchable in Preview on Mac and Adobe Reader. So whenever you're looking to find something specific you can search for it and you'll see exactly how to get where you want!!! Brilliant, right?

For example, if you can't remember how to connect your social media accounts, you can search "social media" and you'll see that you can find it under SettingsWebsiteConnected Account.

I searched high and low all over the interwebs and I even asked Squarespace if they had something like this and they don't. But now, we do because I made it for us!

Click here to download this FREE PDF. Make sure you keep it somewhere handy!

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