Rant of Appreciation


Today my Grace post comes in the form of a Rant of Appreciation. Yesterday included a harrowing drive to the coast of England from Somorset. I was driving, which I've done before on the wrong side of the car on the wrong side of the road. I usually enjoy it. It's like a puzzle. And a challenge. Can I remember which side of the street to drive on and which side to execute a turn onto? But yesterday we were driving on the tiniest of winding, cliff roads (driveways??) going up, down and around with insane people hurtling themselves toward us as though they were attempting suicide. When we finally reached the hotel I sobbed. All of my pent up fear and anger came bubbling up and I let it out. I vowed then and there that I wouldn't leave the hotel until Tuesday, sacred sites be damned. When I informed Wayne of this he said, "Okay." No judgement. No grief. No whining. Just, "Okay." He's amazing. After calming down a bit, I told him I'd be willing to go to Tintagel, if HE drives and I can keep my eyes closed. I'm writing this now on my phone while we are driving on the teeny tiniest of roads (even for one car!!!), as we navigate having to share it with people. At least they have the broadest grins on their faces. That helps. It's all fun and games. Wayne is thrilled and I'm trying not to look.

So back to the Rant. Yesterday I felt awful and my body needed to cry and I let it. I expressed it. Today I have a bit of a "woe is me" hangover that I want to shake off. Hence, the appreciation. I'm looking for the Grace. So here goes:

I love my husband. I love heated towel racks. I love the ocean and craggy cliffs. I love good food. I love that we are on this amazing vacation. I love England with all its sacred wonder. I love gulls. I love British children with their sweet little accents. I love tea and biscuits. I love warm clothes. I love the sun. I love cars with heated seats and navigation. I love my daughter. I love the internets that allow me to keep in touch with her while I'm a continent away. I love my mom who is watching over the dog I love so much. I love pink houses. I love civilized cocktail hour. I love the rain. I love my friends. I love getting to do work I love. I love taking pictures. I love fall and beautiful, colored leaves that do just that. I love A roads. I love comfortable shoes. I love when people love that you're from America and want to tell you all the places they've been in the States. I love wild horses. I love bleating sheep. I love the countryside. I love street signs that look like flaccid penises and make me giggle. I love red telephone boxes. I love that my husband can make me laugh so hard at just the right time.

Deep breath in. Let it out.

And, good.

This is the fifth of 31 {or more} posts that I am writing on the topic of Grace. I'll be writing about what Grace means to me and the ways in which I've found it in my life. Please leave a comment any time about what Grace means to you or if you have any questions for me about Grace.

Laurie Jacobsen

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