Notes From The Herd (Part 1)


I get asked a lot about Equine Therapy/Coaching – what it is and how it works. So, I’ve decided to share some about my experiences with it. I haven’t wanted to say too much about it because I don’t want my experiences to inform any one else’s. There can be an expectation that it “should” go for someone the way it went for me or the opposite, that someone else “should” be able to “do it better” than I did. Also, I have never told this story because it's intensely personal. So this is me going waaaaaaay out on a limb in an effort to give you some idea of what's possible with this kind of experience.


I went to Sherry because I knew that she did equine work and I had an issue (some issues) that I wanted to take to the horses. She is an MS, therapist, specializing in addiction issues and in my case, people who live with addicts in their lives (my dad).

I’m going to tell you about the first experience that I had with the herd. I’m going to tell you about five minutes – that felt like two hours – that changed my life forever.

Watch this video to hear all about it.

Notes From The Herd 1 from Laurie Jacobsen on Vimeo.

What’s great about the horses is that everyone, even in a group, will have a totally different experience and will get exactly what they need. It’s pure M A G I C! And I want EVERYONE on the planet to experience this kind of work with horses.

Maybe some of you can relate to the same sort of boundary issues that I had? Or even had sexual experiences that you didn’t consent to? Or feel generally baffled by situations that other people seem to have no trouble handling?

If you feel like sharing, I would LOVE to hear. The "Leave a comment" link is below some related posts just at the bottom.

And now I’m going to go hide in my bed with my vulnerability hangover!

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