Everyday Grace Package

The very best way to make big shifts happen in your life is by committing to making them happen. You know what you want but you don’t know how to find your way there. So, if you’re hanging onto a lot of limiting beliefs, you’re ready to get unstuck and make some shifts in your life, or you want to find some major inner peace, let’s do it!  E-mail me at lauriejacobsen at gmail dot com to arrange a time and payment.

15 Minutes of Sanctuary

15 FREE minutes of me listening to whatever it is that you need to say without judgment, without words. I’ve been doing this informally my whole life for people, and I thought I would formalize it a little bit. No coaching, no advice, no direction. I’m going to hold space, hold love, and listen to you.

Do you have something that you’ve never told another soul and you need to unburden yourself, but no one feels safe to tell it to? Do you have an idea that you’re bursting to share with someone but you’re afraid someone will steal it if you do? Something about you that you’re ashamed of? An idea you have that you want to bring into the world and you need someone to bear witness to it? You want to tell someone who you really are. Something you don’t want anyone else to know? Whatever it is, I’m here and I’ll hold that space for you. Always $0. Email me at lauriejacobsen at gmail dot com to arrange a time.

Why Hire a Coach and What are the Benefits to You?

People hire coaches for lots of reasons. In a study conducted by the International Coaching Federation one of the highest reported reasons that people hire a coach is that they are looking for a sounding board. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you, right? Someone that won’t judge you or blame you or put you down. Or try to shove their opinion down your throat. Other things people look for in a coach are a motivator, a mentor, a teacher, a spiritual guide, a business consultant, or a taskmaster. I have been and can be all of those things for you.

And the issues that most people are looking to discuss are personal, business, career and relationships and family issues. Other issues can be wellness or spirituality.

The benefits reported most as a result of coaching were higher levels of self-awareness and self-confidence. More inner peace and better relationships with their partners, family and bosses and co-workers. Self-discovery and boundary setting were others at the top of the list.

Ideal Life Vision

I am also a big fan of the Ideal LifeVision method, which totally aligns on all levels with who I am and what I believe in. It’s a very holistic approach to creating your very best life. It also really aligns with Desire Map and I see it as an awesome next step once you’ve locked down your Core Desired Feelings. Click below for more information and/or to purchase the program. This is an affiliate link.