Everyday Grace Retreat

I have the pleasure of hosting my Everyday Grace Retreat and Equine Workshop in Tucson, Arizona.

Please click here for more information.


Desire Map Workshops

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Brave Girl University


I am over the moon excited to have a class being hosted through Brave Girl University – an arm of Brave Girls Club. My first class there is – amazingly enough – called Everyday Grace! Can you tell it’s a topic I’m passionate about?!!

It’s a class that will teach you how to find the Grace that exists in your life already as well as how to offer it to yourself and others. I am having a blast creating the curriculum for it and classes open on September 1, 2015. Click here to find out more information and reserve your spot!

There are over 80 other teachers contributing classes to BGU in addition to all of Melody Ross’s classes. It is going to be a spectacular time and I hope to see you there!  Click here to learn more details!!!