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Brave Girl University

Share The Love Sunday

Today’s Share the Love Sunday is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Brave Girl University. I was asked over a year ago to contribute content to this online classroom and I submitted my class Everyday Grace about how to offer Grace to yourself and others.

Grace is interconnected–noticing it, finding it, offering it and receiving it were presented with such loving kindness that I felt grace drew me here. Being a part of this class and learning that “In every situation, there is grace” has changed me. Accept the gift of grace, make time to honor yourself with this class. ~ Renée Norris 2015

There are almost 100 teachers and the list of classes is enormous. Everything from art, crafting, to soul work, to art and soul work. Watch this brief video to see what it’s all about.

Now, CLICK HERE to sign up. The best part is you get ONE MONTH totally FREE!!!  And you can cancel at any time.

You’re going to love it!!!  I do!


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Tell a Good Story

Stories. Stories are so fascinating. The stories people tells us. The stories we tell others. And most interesting, the stories we tell ourselves.  This week’s “Share the Love Sunday” is a blog post over at Zen Habits: To Create a Habit, Tell a Good Story, written by Leo Babauta. Just like when we offer ourselves grace, when we make an effort to tell ourselves a good — new — story we have the opportunity to change a moment, our day or even our lives. From the article:

Try this:

  1. Ask yourself how you feel about the habit you’re creating. Are you psyched about it? Are you discouraged? Looking forward to it or dreading it? Feel strong about it or feel like you’re doing lousy? Is it a wonderful experience for you or are you ploughing through the suckiness? This is all an indicator of what story you’re telling yourself.
  2. Start creating a better story by focusing on the things you love about the habit. You could focus on how much you hate the habit, or you could focus on what you love. It’s your choice. Find things to appreciate about the habit. Look at your successes and think, “Man, that’s awesome that I’ve done those things.”

This is not to say that you should only think positive thoughts, or that you should ignore the negative. But if your story is on the balance more positive than negative, you’ll be more resilient. You’ll be able to handle the negative stuff with grace, because you have a positive feeling about the habit.

Read the whole blog post here! It’s well worth it.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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Grace Tip Tuesday

Grace Tip Tuesday

Being able to offer ourselves and others Grace opens the door to forgiveness and opens the door to conversation. When was the last time you chose to be upset with someone (or yourself), in which a dose of compassion or Grace or understanding could have made everyone feel better? Try offering Grace to yourself or someone else. It feels so good!!!


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Share The Love Sunday

Share the love Sunday imageFor my very first Share The Love Sunday, I am going to share about a weekend in Idaho that is going to be amazing and life changing for brave women everywhere!!!  It’s coming up in July, so if you’re feeling like you might be ready for a little get away by yourself or with a girlfriend, this might be just the thing for you.

Brave Girl Symposium

It’s the Brave Girl Symposium put on by Brave Girls Club.

Brave Girl Symposium

Everything that Brave Girls Club puts on and puts out in the world is done with such LOVE! Love is what they stand for. And bringing women together like this with such an amazing list of speakers is going to be epic!

Here is a bit about it:

The Theme
We’ll be talking about three beautifully intertwined subjects that we think can absolutely change the world…

What can love do?
How to be good sisters to each other
She Did It Anyway

Epic Speakers, Presenters & Panelists including…
We’ve gathered some of our favorite mentors, teachers, artists, makers, authors…people we think you will LOVE as much as we do…like Glennon Doyle Melton (, Keri & Richard Paul Evans, Kelly Rae Roberts, Flora Bowley, and many more! Plus of course Brave Girls Club founder Melody Ross! (click here to see the full list)

Soul Sessions with Melody Ross
We will be doing some fabulous new soul-work activities with Melody…if you’ve come to Brave Girl Camp or taken any of her online courses, you know how awesome these sessions will be!

Art Making
It wouldn’t be a Brave Girl event without making art…art to keep, art to trade with each other, art to help us remember what we’ve learned, and art for TWO collaborative art projects! We’ll have art rooms set up to make Truth Cards and some other soul-art projects that we are keeping under our hat for now….You’ll need a few simple things: a set of Sharpie permanent markers, colored pencils or alcohol markers if you have them, a couple of good glue sticks, and a pair of scissors. We’ll supply everything else.

Art Show
We are taking over the Hotel and filling the walls with gorgeous paintings and canvases…our own Brave Girl Art Show! Featuring pieces by Melody Ross and lots of other world-class artists including many of our speakers. We’ll be surrounded by art to inspire us, art to fill us with joy, even art to purchase and take home if you like.

There will be plenty of opportunities to shop for unique things found no where else…in our Brave Girl Shoppe and in the Marketplace vendor area.

Brave Girl Boot Fashion Show
Everyone is invited to participate in the Friday night Boot Fashion Show! Wear any kind of boots, fancy or plain, cowboy boots or work boots or fancy boots, decorated or not…let’s have a funky book fashion show! It’s all in fun, so anything goes!

Outdoor Activities
We’ll start Thursday and Friday with early morning Yoga out on the riverbank for those who would like to join us…accompanied by live marimba…the most soulful, organic, heart-stirring music you can imagine. What a way to start the day! You can also choose to enjoy other outdoor activities like swimming, biking & walking on the 25-mile tree-lined Greenbelt along the river (the path begins at the hotel!), watch kayaking at the Boise Whitewater Park (a short walk from the hotel), paddle-boarding, live music, or just relaxing in the sun or shade.

LIVE Music
We LOVE music and have live music scheduled throughout the Symposium…even in the lobbies during registration and meals. Plus a feature band at the Wednesday night opening party (outside on the lawn beside the river…under the stars), and Friday night we have booked our all time favorite Beatles cover band for our closing Gala! We’ll end at 11:11 on the riverbank with a very special send-off event…our way of sending our Brave wishes to the world and to one another.

Click here to watch videos and see a detailed schedule of events!

Expect surprises throughout…all in Brave Girl style!

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