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One Year

Today I spent half the day in bed in fear. Dreading the phone call that I was certain was going to come today. My stomach was in knots and I think I even gave myself a fever. On Friday I had my final 3-month appointment with my dermatologist. It went pretty well, she burned a wart, […]

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Brave Girl University

Share the love Sunday image

Share The Love Sunday Today’s Share the Love Sunday is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Brave Girl University. I was asked over a year ago to contribute content to this online classroom and I submitted my class Everyday Grace about how to offer Grace to yourself and others. Grace is […]

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Tell a Good Story

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Stories. Stories are so fascinating. The stories people tells us. The stories we tell others. And most interesting, the stories we tell ourselves.  This week’s “Share the Love Sunday” is a blog post over at Zen Habits: To Create a Habit, Tell a Good Story, written by Leo Babauta. Just like when we offer ourselves […]

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Notes From The Herd Part 2

Welcome back to the second installment of Notes From The Herd! When we last left off, our heroine had gotten her finger bitten by Tonto – a mini horse with a penchant for biting and a spunky personality. Today’s story is a bit tamer and will hopefully show what MAGIC is truly possible doing this […]

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Grace Tip Tuesday

Being able to offer ourselves and others Grace opens the door to forgiveness and opens the door to conversation. When was the last time you chose to be upset with someone (or yourself), in which a dose of compassion or Grace or understanding could have made everyone feel better? Try offering Grace to yourself or […]

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