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Everyday Grace

Grace {A Divinely Given Blessing, A Tender Mercy, Elegance} In seventh grade I had a teacher named Sister Mary Brendan. She may look sweet, but she was a hard ass and something of a nut. She frequently gave the girls hell for trying to shrink our jeans and called one classmate by the wrong name because […]

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“And” has become my new favorite word. I use it now instead of the word “but” in so many places. As I sit here this morning sobbing in fear and gratitude, the word “and” becomes even more profound. I’ve been suffering excruciating monthly pain for well over a year. When I say excruciating here is what I […]

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Just Let Me Be Me

I’ve been TOO BIG my whole life. I’m not speaking of my physical size, but rather the magnitude of my personality; exuberant, happy, outgoing, love to laugh, emotional, excitable. Big. That is my Essential Self, the Who. I. Am. deep down without any influence from others. Some people get really uncomfortable around BIG people. They […]

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